Friday, January 5, 2018

Hi, my name is Mr. Noodles. I used to have an awesome life with my dad, we used to go for walks and play all the time. He once bought me this giant fluffy bed that made even me look small! One day he didn't come home. I was so scared and worried, he was my whole life. The police came to my house and told me he passed away unexpectedly. Since it was only me and him and I didn't have any other family, they took me to a shelter where I didn't get many walks or play time. After a few months, AAWL learned I was there and rescued me as soon as they found out! Everyone at AAWL was super nice, but it wasn’t a family, it wasn’t a dad.

I lived at AAWL for almost 3 months and told my story on social media to see if I could find a new family. People shared my message all over the country, and I had a lot of well wishes and support to help me. I met a woman who loved my oversized feet, my goofy play style, and my hallmark snuggles. She became my new mom soon after! We live downtown, I go on lots of walks, and I meet new people every day. I have now stolen her fluffy bed that I let her share with me, and we snuggle every night to sleep. I was even able to tell my dad’s family that I am safe and happy, and loved again.

I want to thank everyone who helped my mom find me, it only happened because you all came together to share my story. When you see posts of homeless dogs and cats like me, please share them. it may seem small in the large scheme of things, but for that one life it means the world.

 It did to me.



Tennessee Tuxedo (aka Mr. Noodles)