Sunday, October 28, 2018

My name is Herman, and I was that “one more”. On Nov. 3rd, you’re walking to give animals like me a second chance at life. From now until Nov. 3rd, AAWL will give all funds raised for their Walk To Save Animals to their Medical Miracle Fund to help animals like me who need lifesaving medical care.

I’m 7 years old and have been battling glaucoma for years without any treatment. The pressure is so bad, people say it feels like the worst headache of your life that never ends. The pressure built so much that one of my eyes died, and now the other one is swollen and slowly dying.

When AAWL found me at a small rural rescue(who loved me, but couldn’t afford my medical care), they were loading up a lot of dogs to help them find homes in Phoenix. They saw me, an old cattle dog who can barely see with bulging, injured eyes and began calling their medical team, asking about how much money they have in their “Medical Miracle Fund.” They came back, sat with me and said, “Let’s save one more.” AAWL took me in and is now preparing for my surgery this week, giving me my life back.

I want other animals to be given the chance that I had, a second chance at life. Please sign up, donate, or raise money for the walk, because all week your donations will go directly to their Medical Miracle Fund to help animals like me every day. Please, let them save “one more.”


Register for the Walk To Save Animals HERE.