Friday, June 23, 2017

My name is Harrison, and there are things in my life that might keep some dogs down. I’m deaf, my kidneys didn'tHappy harrison the deaf puppy develop quite right when I was born, and I’m a 1 year old puppy who has lived at the shelter for 3 months! But do I let that get me down? No! Do you know why? Because this world is amazing, full of amazing things. I don’t want to brag, but I’m kind of a rock star in doggie play groups, and they let me play with 20 other dogs a couple times a week. I have friends that bring out a kiddie pool for me to splash in whenever I want. All I have to do is sit down, and people give me treats. I would say I lead an almost perfect life, except I’m missing one thing; my own family.

 I’ve seen a lot of my friends go out the door these three months with their new families, and they look so happy. I wish I could have that. Sometimes people are worried about my deafness, but I learn hand signals really quick, and Harrison the deaf puppy sticking out his tongueI sleep through basically anything. Maybe adopters worry about my kidneys, but right now I just need to use the bathroom a lot (I learned the doggie door in one day). I’m happy all the time, and people say they feel happier around me. If you are stressed, I’ll make funny faces or find a toy so we can play. If you want to spend a weekend relaxing, I can fill a couch cushion with the best of them. If you’ve ever felt different or people teased you for being different, well brother, we can be different together.

This life is too amazing to sit back and lament about things that can get you down. that’s not the life I want to live; I want to live an amazing life with you.

harrison deaf puppy surprised

See Harrison and his friends.