Saturday, January 9, 2021

 A wonderful woman was working as a traveling healthcare worker in a remote part of Arizona helping the Rural community. One night when she came home from work, she saw four dogs living near her motel. Realizing it was going to be below freezing at night, she opened her door and they all ran inside! They curled right up on the extra bed and fell asleep The next morning, she opened the door and they all ran out to go live outside as they had done for years. When she came home the next night, they were all waiting for her at her motel! For weeks, she would come home, let them in, feed them, sleep all night together, then let them back out when she left for work. When her contract was ending, she contacted a local rescue that knew AAWL could take them in, including one of the dogs with an injured leg. The woman even donated to help with the surgery!

The dogs were then driven hundreds of miles to AAWL, given full medical exams by our team (their savior did an amazing job caring for them), and then placed up for adoption to find their new furever families! Mistletoe, who had an injured leg, was scheduled for surgery and spent a lot of time getting love from our Vet techs. 

This is another example of why AAWL's Rural Rescue network is vital to homeless animals across the Southwest. AAWL's partners are incredibly hard working and passionate people, but sometimes they need a little help to continue their mission. Since 2016, AAWL has been offering them a helping hand. 

On January 18th, our intake team and @camelbackbmw will drive hundreds of miles to deliver supplies, rescue homeless animals needing a second chance, just like our furry friends here. With Beemer's Drive, you can help pay for a Rural Rescue. Your donations will provide transportation, medical care, and support to help rescue and find these animals a loving home. Donate today HERE.

Watch their story below or click here!