Friday, February 3, 2012

You can say Olive the dog is living the good life.

“She’s just a ray of sunshine; she's a happy addition to our home,” said Monica Sperke.

A few years back Sperke welcomed the Mexican hairless dog into her arms as a foster.

“Olive decided the first night she was staying with us,” Sperke said.The dog owner wasn't able to resist Olive's inner beauty for long.

“The fact that she had a tough beginning certainly doesn't affect the fact that's she's a wonderful pet,” Sperke said.

Three years ago, police rescued Olive, now 13 years old, from house full of hoarded dogs.

“From what I understand, Olive lived in a cage most of her life and was used for breeding,” Sperke said.

Sperke works with the Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA and said dogs like Olive may have come from bad situations but they can be great pets.

“I have not seen any bad effects from the situation she came from. She is such a grateful little being and happy all the time,” Sperke. said.

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