Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Carrying them out of the truck, we realized this may be the longest time they had been outside their entire lives. As we unloaded the six puppy mill rescues from our partner, we knew they were in for a long road to recovery, but it was worth it so they could be free. Ranging from 10 years old to barely one, all six had lived in cages barely larger than their bodies, forced to stand on metal grating their whole life, never walking on the ground or even outside. Receiving no medical care and almost no human contact, our survivors were finally free to live the lives they deserved; as we have given the other 150+ puppy mill survivors we have rescued over the years.

The Arizona Animal Welfare League has fought for years against Puppy mills. In the last few years, we:

-Replaced a puppy mill store in Chandler Fashion Center and have adopted over 6k rescues since we have been open

-Worked with the City of Tempe for months as a resource to help draft anti-puppy mill store laws and provided testimony against puppy mills in the state

-Provided legal statements in support of the city of Phoenix in their fight against puppy mill stores

-Fought in the state legislature against representatives and senators supporting puppy mill stores

-Support anti-puppy mill groups at our Walk To Save Animals

-Spread awareness through media, on NBC, AZFamily, PBS, and more

-Work as a partner to help other rescues take in puppy mill survivors from National Mill Dog Rescue

-rescued over 150 puppy mill survivors

And we aren’t going to stop. Ever. We know the power of adopting can help shut down puppy mills. We know awareness to these cruel institutions will end their support. We know we can make a difference.

We still have 5 of our puppy mill survivors looking for their furever homes. Handsome poodles and mini aussies that deserve a life of love. And you can give it to them.

To learn more about adopting one of our puppy mill survivors,  you can meet Honey bunches and Oats at our Chandller Mall Adoption Center or email our behavior manager at Edillon@aawl.org.


Want to help us provide medical care to our survivors, and animals like them? Register for the Walk To Save Animals Today. All money raised for the Walk To Save Animals from Oct. 27th to Nov. 3rd will go to our Medical Miracle Fund to help animals who need above and beyond medical care.