Thursday, March 7, 2019

(Begin Rant)

Chelsea, you know I love you, we’ve spent the last two years together at the shelter! I’ve brought you treats and new toys, we’ve hung out writing emails. I’m allergic to cats, and I take drugs so I don’t miss my time with you. We’re friends.

So imagine my surprise when you did me dirty last week when I got a film crew here to make you famous! The List is a great show that loves interesting topics to help their viewers across the country.

When they learned about our reigning “sassy cat” and how people have passed you by for two years because they didn’t know how to talk to you, they created a segment about “sassy cat diplomacy” to help you get adopted.

For you. And you had ONE JOB - climb on your cat tree and be sassy, it’s literally your favorite thing in the world. What was the one thing you didn’t want to do when we stopped by? You can guess where I am going with this…

You were too sassy to be in a sassy cat show!!! But that’s why we love you. You have this enduring, independent spirit that makes spending time with you so great. I LOVE my time with you because I’ve earned every cuddle, every head butt, every purr. And man, it feels great. I will not give up finding you a family, we will not give up until you have a home. That’s what we do here at AAWL, we don’t give up.

(end rant)


Michael, one of your many human servants at AAWL