Thursday, September 21, 2017

With her slightly floppy ears and her beautiful long, blonde coat, Paisley is an absolutely stunning dog. But she holds a secret; She is one of the goofiest dogs you will ever meet. Don’t let the doe eyes for belly rubs fool you, she is the queen of random zoomies, which is then rounded out with a game of hide and seek (fairly hard for her to hide at 62 lbs but she adorably tries). Do you have a treat somewhere? She will find it, then play bow and dance around until you finally hand it over. Need a pick me up? She knows when you are coming to give her scratches, and her tail “thwump thwump thwumps” against the ground waiting for you. At two years old, Paisley is the perfect balance of adult dog poise and puppy playfulness. She does have a history of seizures, but a simple medication that she loves taking in little meatballs keeps her healthy and safe. She has spent the majority of her four months at the shelter living in offices because she is the perfect office dog and friend, moving between offices throughout the day visiting her “work family”. But now Paisley needs a real family, one that can spoil her and embrace the goofy personality like we have. Adopt Paisley today, you will truly love our goofball beauty queen.