Saturday, December 16, 2017


Dear Santa,

My name is Anna and I wanted to know if you also take Christmas wishes from doggies, too? My friend Wimbledon and I have been really good and are only asking for one thing this year: A family for our last Christmas.

You see, I’ve always been a happy girl that loves to lounge around and play, ever since I was a pup. Since I’m a boxer, I was very skilled at dancing around on two legs and doing the happy dance for my dinner. I’m a country girl at heart, living on the range, rolling in wide open grass fields. Then I came to the city with my family, but they couldn’t keep me due to allergies. It was around that time I noticed some little bumps, but anyone who knows a white boxer, bumps aren’t too unusual! It was the vet’s face that told me; Cancer. I didn’t know what to do, how did this happen? They removed some, but they told me it was spreading, and they couldn’t stop it.

After spending a lot of days in my kennel, with no emotional energy to get up, I made a friend named Wimbledon going through the same thing as me. But he wasn’t scared, he was living life to the fullest! Taking extra walks, tearing out that darned squeaker, and sneaking an extra treat before dinner. He was living his life, no matter how short or long.  Watching him changed my outlook on life.

Now I’m bound and determined to find a family that will accept me for who I am and give me what I most want in life: my last Christmas. I know Wimbledon wants one too, but he is too shy to ask, so I’m asking for a family for him as well. He changed my life, and I hope I can help change his.

So, If you could find a little extra space in your sack for one last wish for me and my friend Wimbledon, it would literally change our lives: two new families for us shelter pups with maybe a little time left here.


Hugs and slobbery kisses,

Anna (and Wimbledon)

Anna the white boxer in front of christmas tree