Monday, September 30, 2019

My name is Duke, and your monthly donations saved my life.

After my mom passed away, I was tied up in a backyard for two years by people I thought would care for me. I cuddled with my sister for warmth and shared all my food so we could stay strong. We were eventually surrendered to a veterinarian for euthanasia for “medical issues”, but an AAWL partner knew they could save me with AAWL’s help.

How did your donations save my life?

  • AAWL’s Rural Rescue saves animals from over 32 partners that desperately need help; like the one who found me and my sister.
  • AAWL provides supplies and support to their partners, so they can use their small resources to save even more animals in their communities.
  • AAWL’s Medical Miracle Fund gave me and my sister the medical care we needed.

It’s more than my life, it’s the lives of 300 animals every month brought to their doors. The kittens I saw in the clinic receiving life-saving vaccines, the puppies in the kennel next to me saved in the infirmary from the deadly Parvo virus, the friends I made in playgroup from across Arizona. And my sister - she will find a family, a new mom to love her.


I know this may sound like the ramblings of an old dog, but it's an old dog given a second chance because of you.

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