Monday, July 20, 2020

I gotta know, what is it about me that people don’t want to meet? I didn’t want to dwell on it, but I haven’t had any appointments to meet my new family in two weeks….I’ve been working on my good boi sits, I’ve been really good about not pulling the stuffing out of my new toys (but it is so FUN), I made new friends in play group, but still no emails or appointments for me. I’ve been watching all my friends find these really cool new families (one now lives on a ranch with a chicken!), and I am so happy for them, but it makes me a little sad, you know? I mean, I’m a little bit of a blocky head, but my volunteer friends say that it’s perfect for head scratches. I like lots of toys, but my friends collected money to buy me $100 worth of toys when I get adopted, so that hopefully wont be expensive for you? I don’t have those pretty freckles, or a big furry coat, but my mama always told me I was a handsome man, and when I play in the pool, the water slides right off my shiny coat. So help me out, can you tell me what I can do to find a family? I love my friends here, and they are so good to me, but it’s not a home. What can I do to be in your home?

Respectfully and humbly,

Your new pupper Boomer


P.S. You can email my buddy to set up a special appointment to meet me!