Monday, May 20, 2019


PHOENIX (FOX 10) - One Valley rescue is searching for a forever home for dogs rescued from fighting rings. 

From Florida, PJ and Circ found their way to Phoenix along with some much need care from the staff and volunteers at the Arizona Animal Welfare League. 

Morefield says both dogs were used in a dog fighting ring in Canada. After it was broken up, they spent countless months in what he describes as a doggy jail while the people who fought them were on trial and then rehab.

"There's a lot of fear with them around other dogs because they were taught for years to hate and to be negative and that's not who they are as dogs," explained Morefield. 

Morefield says both pups continue to work through issues of trust, learning how to be a dog after they were used and abused for so many years. 

"It's a progression, it's not a sprint it's a marathon," said Morefield. "We know they are going to get there, we would love a family or home that understands what they've been through and wants to give that love and support."

Support, patience, love, and of course treats is all they need. 

"PJ is the Red Bull of dogs, we love playing with him, he loves toys, he loves high energy but then all of the sudden he crashes for hours at a time," says Morefield. "Circ wants to be with you in your lap giving you kisses snuggling with you all the time."

Both PJ and Circ are up for adoption at the AAWL. Morefield suggests both go to homes where they are the only dog as they continue to work through their issues and, of course, the staff at AAWL is available to answer any concerns and address fears about adopting a dog with this type of history because it's not for everyone.