Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Hi, my name is Prince Charming. I've bounced between shelters and homes looking for the perfect family for most of my life. I'm a good boy, but sometimes people have given up on me. But you know who has never given up on me? My friends at AAWL. They tell me every day that I'm a good boy, and give me big belly rubs (I have a big belly). They sit in my kennel and make sure I'm happy all the time with toys and walks. I’m so loved, they even put me at the front desk to greet new people who visit! I really love them a lot here, but I kind of want my own family to love. I tried living with a family who had a cat, but we didn’t get along so well, so maybe i can be the king of your castle? Or maybe little kids! I’m really gentle and I let people dress me up, so that’s like a little princess’s dream prince, right? I may not look like it, but I love to go for walks. It helps me keep the weight down, since one time I gained two pounds on a diet (but really, who hasn’t?).

I am so glad I traveled across the whole state so I could be safe here, because AAWL will never give up on me until I find my family. But I think I’m ready for a home, so they can take care of another animal that needs a second chance. What do you think, can I be your Prince Charming?