Friday, June 15, 2018

Black Dog Syndrome: The mysterious, impossible to prove, totally true problem afflicting shelter dogs across the country.


You’ve seen them, or maybe you haven’t: The faces of black dogs through the kennel doors when you visit a shelter, but did you know there is a very good chance they will be at the shelter longer than other dogs simply because of their color? Black Dog Syndrome, or sometimes called “BBD” for “big Black Dog” is seen all across the country in shelters, but nobody knows why!

Black dogs have been historically portrayed as bad omens with the English and Scottish, long haul truckers, and even mentioned in the worldwide phenomenon Harry Potter Series(#justiceforSiriusBlack). Some believe they “disappear” in their kennel with their dark coloring, and people walk right past them. Others associate Black dogs as “scary” due to their use in movies and Hollywood as villains or aggressive. No matter why it happens, the color of their fur does not affect their temperament, their playfulness, or their capacity for love.

Studies have been done to try and prove “Black Dog Syndrome” is real, but come back inconclusive or that color is not affecting their adoption - but ask any adoption counselor or shelter worker. They will tell you even the sweetest BBD’s will languish in their shelter more than most. So, what do we do about it? Better photos, colorful bandannas, PSA’s to break stigmas? All of the above!

At AAWL, we know “Black Dog Syndrome” is affecting our dogs finding their families, so we are highlighting them for the weekend of June 15th. We are tying colorful bandanas around their collars, featuring them all weekend on social media with awesome pictures, taking $100 off their adoption fees, and spreading the word that our dogs should be loved not because of the color of their fur, but by the love in their heart.

Stop by this weekend and meet some of our amazing “BBD’s”, we know you will see their color is only skin deep, but their amazing personalities shine through. Stop by and meet:

Shadrac: Our Big, Black floof cloud is a perfect couch companion for those long Netflix binges.

Keanu: Even the international movie star can’t hold a candle to our action packed, heart of gold handsome boy.

Ellie: You looking for that beach body? So is Ellie! Why hire a personal workout coach, when you can adopt one!

Osa: Our sassy senior is the perfect companion for anyone that takes themselves too seriously.

And many more! See all of our adoptable dogs here