Thursday, May 2, 2024

Our support for you and your pet doesn’t stop once you leave our shelter! We have a variety of programs here to support you and your pet as you embark on your new journey together.

Once you are ready to bring your new family member home, we have a full-time Adoption Support Coordinator, who is dedicated to following up with our adopters for the first year after adoption to help ease the transition for both of you. Any questions or concerns about your pet’s behavior or really just about any questions you have as your pet is settling into your home.

Our team is available to support you for the lifetime of your pet, so even years after adoption you can reach out with any questions you may have!

We want to make sure that you and your pet are well taken care of and set you both up for success. That doesn’t stop at our post-adoption support, we also offer low-cost wellness and preventative care at our Community Vet Clinic. We’d love to help keep your adored pet happy and healthy which is why we offer services like vaccines, wellness consult, flea/tick prevention, nail trims, microchips, and so much more.

Plus, the fun doesn’t end there! We also offer affordable dog training classes to help their transition into their forever home be as smooth as possible. If your puppy needs help learning their manners, our Puppy Manners class is perfect for you. Maybe your pup is reactive and needs a boost of confidence in public settings, join our Feisty Fido class! If they need extra support with a private lesson, we have that available for you and your pet. The best part is, all AAWL Alumni receive a discount for our dog training classes.

Our team really is here to support this new, amazing change for both you and your pet. New things can be wonderful and grand, but it can also be scary and intimidating. We’re here for your pet throughout their lifetime, whether it be a private dog lesson or just asking why your cat all the sudden doesn’t like their litterbox, AAWL is here to help you!