Thursday, May 3, 2018

MichThere is nothing we love more than when we get volunteer duos! Duos can be siblings, friends, or in this case, a husband and wife team volunteering at the shelter together. Sherrie M. started volunteering at AAWL in 2014 and 2 years later she convinced her husband, James M., to join the AAWL volunteer family. Sherrie was a volunteer in our cattery and James in the kennels, but they quickly teamed up to become one of our most dynamic duos at events and for shelter transports. Sherrie and James will always agree to work events the shelter is either hosting or attending so they can be the set of smiling faces to greet every person that walks up to our booth. They love spreading AAWL’s mission and are great advocates for the homeless animals they are helping. Recently they also started helping AAWL with our statewide transports – this means they travel to small, rural cities across Arizona to meet our rescue partners and transfer animals back to AAWL. These rural rescues often don’t have any outlets for their animals so having AAWL as a partner has helped them keep their euthanasia numbers down. Sherrie and James pile into one of our kennel trucks and drive hours to pick up anywhere from 10 – 50 dogs and then bring them back down to the Valley for a start at a new life. You can also find Sherrie assisting in our shelter clinic – she helps prep and recover animals for surgery, as well as providing basic care for the sick dogs and cats they find themselves in our clinic. Beyond all of this, Sherrie and James ALWAYS have a smile on their faces and are so fun to work with! We feel so lucky to have them as part of our volunteer family. Thank you Sherrie and James!