Friday, October 4, 2019

This month we would like to recognize a volunteer who has touched just about every aspect of our shelter: Shawn W

Shawn has been volunteering at AAWL for a little over two years and has put in over 220 hours of service. He has the biggest heart and is willing to pitch in wherever is needed. He started out walking dogs, and quickly become more involved by helping with Play Groups, regularly taking dogs home on Gimme-A-Breaks, participating in our Homeward Bound program, helping our Marketing team with dog photography, always raising a hand to help at events and being open to jumping in wherever we need help. He is one of our go-to volunteers when last minute needs pop up, we always know we can rely on Shawn.

We are never surprised when a volunteer falls in love with one of our adoptable pups (it’s impossible not to) but Shawn has fallen twice! First he adopted Falkor (formerly Skellington) and a little while later, his second, Justice. Justice is a very special case who requires a very special family and Shawn fits the bill perfectly. Justice is a double merle Australian Shepherd who is both deaf and blind. Luckily, he is a sweet snuggle bug and loves everyone he meets! Shawn realized that Justice’s gentle personality would make him a perfect candidate to become a therapy dog so he teamed up with Pets on Wheels earlier this year. Now Justice can bring joy and make a wonderful impact on the community with his infectious charm. How cool is that?

We simply cannot thank Shawn enough for his contributions to AAWL. We are so lucky to have him on our team and to call him our friend as we strive towards making our community a wonderful place for pets.