Friday, January 3, 2020

Oh how we love Sarah G here at AAWL! In 4.5 years at AAWL Sarah has volunteered almost 1,000 hours – we are especially thankful that Sarah chooses to come to the shelter during off-hours. Sarah often comes during the less popular evening hours when we are short on volunteer help. She helps many of the Animal Care Technicians by getting the dogs out for one last extra long romp in the yard prior to closing. Sarah has a calming way of working with the dogs that are shy or stressed in the shelter. She has so much patience, care, and concern for them and their needs that many of the dogs that are overwhelmed or scared instinctively trust Sarah. She has not only shown care for our shelter animals, but she has recently taken to showing many of our onsite plants some much needed TLC. Sarah took it upon herself to begin to care for the many plants throughout campus and when recent remodeling threatened the habitat of many she came in to move them all to new homes around the shelter where they are thriving. Her care and concern for our shelters “Curb Appeal” does not go unnoticed and it is that respect for our shelter – and all things living – that make us appreciate her so much as part of our volunteer family.