Friday, September 13, 2019

Our Chandler Mall Adoption Center has some truly incredible volunteers, one of whom we would like to acknowledge today: Paula D

Paula is simply a joy and one of the most devoted cat moms of all time. She is always warm, friendly and quick to smile. She cares deeply for animals and helps us take exceptional care of our furry friends while they wait for their furever homes. Many of our Chandler volunteers focus their time giving the dogs extra walks and attention (because let’s face it, dogs are needy), instead Paula dedicates the majority of her time at the Mall Adoption Center to our cats. She has a knack for bringing out the best in them and takes her time to really get to know each individual. She will be able to tell you straight away each of our cats’ favorite things and what they don’t like so much. Fun fact: Paula is from Ireland and when she moved here to Phoenix, she brought her cat, Puddy, with her! Talk about dedication! Since arriving, she has adopted three fabulous felines: Lola, Wolfie and Clarice. The Chandler Mall Adoption Center would truly not be the same without Paula and we are honored to have her as a part of our AAWL family.