Friday, August 2, 2019

This month we would like to recognize Patty & Thomas L., an unstoppable mother/son duo! Combined Patty and Thomas have given more than 1,800 hours to our shelter animals over the last 3 years. These two are some of our most dedicated week day volunteer crew who spend their afternoons each week at the shelter helping our pups with exercise and socialization. The afternoons are tough for volunteers, especially when its 100+ degrees outside, but the heat doesn’t stop these two! They come to every shift with a smiles on their faces, ready to take on the day. They always seem to fall for our more challenging pups and spend a great deal of time with our long timers who need the most love and attention. They are constantly looking out for our dogs whether it is teaching them basic obedience so they can impress potential adopters, enrichment time in the yard to give their brains a workout or giving them a break from their kennels in our volunteer work room.


They are also a huge help at our various events throughout the year, plus Patty is not only a Volunteer Mentor, she gives her time as a Volunteer Adoption Counselor as well. We are blessed to have Patty and Thomas on our AAWL crew as dedicated advocates for our animals who we can always count on and trust.