Friday, July 13, 2018

Mike M. has been a volunteer at AAWL for the past 4 and a half years, logging more than 3,550 hours of volunteer time! He started out as a Dog Walker, and still does that almost every visit to the shelter, but he really found his place volunteering in our shelter clinic helping animals get ready for adoption. Since volunteering in the clinic, Mike has regularly logged between 80 – 100 hours each month helping prep and recover animals during their surgeries. Mike doesn’t have a medical background, he learned all this by shadowing other volunteers/staff and observing over time – an amazing accomplishment. Besides being a valuable member of the clinic team Mike lends his talents to the events department where he dons the AAWL mascot costume to all of AAWL’s major fundraising events. This might seem like an easy gig, but trust us, it gets HOT in that costume J Everyone looks forward to seeing Mike at the shelter and we can’t imagine our AAWL world without him, Thank you for all you do, Mike!