Friday, July 5, 2019

What can we say about Lisa B. She has been with the shelter for almost 8 years and while she has logged more than 2,500 “volunteer hours” her hours of fostering kittens far exceeds that. Lisa helps in all areas of the shelter from our Chandler location to our various fundraising events, but her true home lies with our foster department. Lisa fosters just about any animal that needs to spend time in a home but her specialty is with mama cats and their kittens and/or bottle babies. Bottle baby kittens are some of the hardest animals to foster because they require not only a huge time commitment but they are also extremely fragile - that has never stopped Lisa. She charges into any situation like a foster warrior ready to fight tirelessly for her underage kittens. She has saved more lives than we can count.

Lisa also helps hands on in the foster building – you can find her almost every Wednesday answering the phones, providing resource information to the community, restocking food & litter, doing laundry, and even outside in the hot summer afternoon heat sanitizing litter boxes and carriers. One little touch that Lisa provides for our foster department is that she takes great attention detail when prepping kennels for new kittens and puppies. She will head into the laundry room and curate the cutest blankets and toys so that each kennel is setup with everything an incoming foster baby could need…while ensuring everything is perfectly color coordinated! Lisa is such a valuable asset to the our AAWL family and we are so thankful for everything she does to help not only her kittens thrive but to also see AAWL expand and thrive.