Friday, April 6, 2018

Erin has been a volunteer with the Arizona Animal Welfare League for more than 8 years, logging more than 6,000 volunteer hours. She is one of our early morning volunteers, often arriving at the shelter before the sun is up and most of us have even had our first cup of coffee. Erin spends much of her time assisting our staff by yarding dogs for potty breaks – a welcomed sight for our pups first thing in the morning! When she’s not helping staff with jobs around the shelter she is walking dogs, taking them offsite for hikes, and assisting with our Dogs Playing for Life playgroups. Erin has a soft spot for our longtimer shelter pups and gives them extra attention by taking them offsite for some one-on-one time throughout the week. Erin is lovingly referred to as our “shelter ninja” because she quietly slips in, performs her tasks and slips out before most staff and volunteers are even onsite – she is also amazingly talented at avoiding photos – seriously, we can’t take a photo of her no matter how hard we try! Erin is not one to ask for praise and will probably be mad that we even promoted her like this but we have to call her out for all the wonderful things she does for the shelter. She is a joy to work with and brings so much light into the dogs life’s. On behalf of the Arizona Animal Welfare League, thank you for all that you do and congratulations on becoming our Volunteer of the Month!