Friday, November 8, 2019

This month we would like to recognize a two good friends who are constantly giving: Cindy S and Linda M

These two ladies do so much to support AAWL it is unreal. Cindy and Linda have been volunteering for about 5 years now and have collectively put in almost 1,000 hours of service. They are go-to volunteers for events helping with roles from puppy wrangling to raffle ticket sales. They also are great members of our Helping Paws committee. Helping Paws is a group of volunteers who help us solicit auction items for our largest fundraisers of the year like our Evening to Paws gala. Last year, they hit the streets and brought in some truly unforgettable auction items, like dinner for 12 at Richardson's. (Yum!)

Last, but certainly not least, Cindy has been helping out in the Volunteer Department with various admin tasks for the last 6 months and we cannot thank her enough! Knowing that we have a reliable volunteer to handle much needed tasks like data entry and volunteer badge making opens up our availability so we can tackle even more than we could before! We cannot imagine the shelter without these two and hope they stay with the AAWL family for many years to come.