Friday, November 2, 2018

When asked about the sorts of tasks Andy & Michelle G help out with around the Chandler Mall Adoption enter, Katlyn Riggs, the Adoption Center Manager, said “What do they NOT do?? They are incredible! They are reliable and basically do everything! When they are in the store I just get out of their way because they have everything handled!” This incredible couple has been volunteering their time to the Chandler Mall Adoption Center for almost 6 years and together they have logged over 4,000 volunteer hours. They do everything they can to make sure the center is clean and the dogs and cats housed there are well cared for. Not only do they clean kennels, feed hungry tummies, do massive amounts of laundry and dish cleaning, provide customer care support, they also are a part of the mentor team. They have trained hundreds of new volunteers over the years, giving newbies the tools they need provide the best care possible for our shelter pets while they wait for their forever homes. These two have been generously giving their time and love since the Chandler Mall Adoption Center began and we simply cannot thank them enough.