Friday, May 29, 2020

It’s the perfect movie plot: A strong, independent woman has a life-changing event thrust her into uncertainty, her fears manifest at every corner, and the world begins to slip away around her. Will she again have the happiness she remembered? Will she persevere against the odds? Will her life finally give her the purpose and love that she deserves? Slowly, with her newfound courage, her new world emerges. A community filled with loving people help her tackle the smallest of challenges, but the biggest barriers. She leans on others, but grows strong enough to rely on herself. She realizes the world is what you make of it, and home is where you are surrounded by people you love. This is life, Under The Tuscany Sun.

You didn’t think this was the 2003 "feel good movie of the year", did you? While she deserves her name in lights, this is the story of our girl Tuscany; the longest resident currently at AAWL.

Found as a kitten living on the street by a good samaritan, Tuscany has been in and out of AAWL for 5 years, and has been a current resident since last April. Moving, family lifestyle changes, Tuscany has always come back to AAWL trying to see the silver lining, but it weighs on her. The world is not always kind to strong women; She likes her space, she has an opinion about everything, and knows what she wants in life (it’s treats. Lots and lots of treats). None of these are bad, they are defining characteristics and she should be applauded for her courage to be the best cat she wants to be. Social norms be gone, live your life girl. She loves on her terms (and she is very loving), she plays by her own rules (LOVES to play, like a jungle cat), and she wants a family that will accept here for who she is.

We are here for Tuscany, as we are for all our animals, and we know someone out there will be there for Tuscany soon for her new home.

Learn more about Tuscany HERE, and make an appointment to meet her HERE!