Friday, September 15, 2023

Spooky Season is upon us, and our furry residents have already started getting into the spirit! This week’s adventures include mummies, witches, demons, and a couple pumpkins! We’ve told our residents that it’s still September but they’re so excited for fall weather to start they couldn’t help themselves. They were hoping this spooky energy would summon some chilly weather for us all.

The day began with a trunk full of costumes and a group of sneaky cats and dogs, combining forces to make this venture possible. One of our residents, Ears, kept watch. After all, he’s got the best ears in town. Next, Shaggy took on the ordeal of jumping high and low to make it to the trunk and grab everyone’s costumes. Suddenly, Ears heard footsteps approaching... the humans were coming! Shaggy had to work fast, make executive decisions, and came back out before anyone could detect they were missing. Decisions were made under harsh pressure, thus a turkey hat was taken out. Shaggy must have known it couldn’t possibly fit a cat, but he still to this day denies the allegations that he purposely picked it out for the dogs.

The dogs argued between themselves over who would wear the silly turkey hat. Would it be Sammy? Sammy said absolutely not! What about Shawna? Shawna confidently stated she’s already wearing the silly Frankenstein costume. Or Frederick? Frederick reminded everyone they should be grateful he even showed up today. Finally, they all turned to Sycamore. Of course! Who better than the 6-month-old puppy to wear a turkey hat? Sycamore was just happy to be there!

In the corner you could see all the cats giggling and pointing at the dogs. That was until it was time for them to put on their costumes. A spider? A pumpkin for Pumpkin? Sunflower for Sunflower? They did not enjoy the irony behind it. But alas, the chilly weather had to be invoked one way or another!

Sammy brought out the camera and started snapping shots of everyone! The dogs were happy to pose in the yard, getting in some sunshine, grass, and the occasional pee break. The cats however were a bit higher maintenance and decided to put together a backdrop and photo room. If it had to live forever in photo they might as well look fabulous doing so. After a long day, everyone went back to their rooms and slept soundly for the night. The plan the next day was to send out the photos to the furry residents and keep it between themselves.

But the next morning there was a shift in the air, the photos appeared in a Google Drive for us, the humans, to see. How could that be? Rumor has it Sycamore went back for the camera and sent them out anonymously. Others say it was Shaggy’s plan all along. We’ve even heard whispers that Ears is a double agent for the humans. We’re not sure what happened, but what we do know is they all look too adorable for it to be kept a secret!

Guess we’ll never know what happened that cool night in fall...