Saturday, April 13, 2019

Our final spotlight of National Volunteer Appreciation week is to one of our volunteer couples: Elizabeth B & Nick W

These two have touched the lives of so many sweet pups as they get acclimated to the shelter. They are regular attendees of our Shy Dog class and have a passion for giving their time to our dogs who are under socialized with people. They are so incredibly patient and spend a great deal of time simply sitting in kennels giving our fearful kiddos the time and space they need to recognize that most people are kind and have delicious snacks to share. These two also volunteer regularly for our monthly Vaccine Clinics with clinic support. They spend hours assisting our veterinary team administer vaccines to hundreds of animals each month all to ensure that our community has healthy and happy pets. Last, but not least, these two are always available to help with miscellaneous time-consuming projects that would tie up our staff otherwise. They always raise a hand when we are in need and for that we are eternally grateful. We can’t thank them enough!