Thursday, April 20, 2017

rose_laying_down_0.jpgHi, my name is Rose, and I need your help. I was born in a breeder’s backyard, sold to have puppies. When I was 7 months old, I had trouble walking, and they took me to a vet. He said my legs didn’t form right and I needed a surgery on both of my legs. The breeder was going to make me “go away”, but I didn’t want to “go away”. I’m not even a year old, I have a lot of life to live. I’m not bad or broken, I’m just a little different right now, and I want to get better.  My new friends at AAWL took me in and they are going to help me. They need help with my surgery, and I asked if I could make my own plea. I’m a good girl, I really am, and I want to be a happy and healthy girl. Would you maybe help me by donating to the Medical Miracle fund, so my friends and I can get the special medical care we need? I promise to keep you updated, and tell you how great I am doing if I get the money for my surgery (they say it’s going to be $2,300). Thank you for helping me be the best puppy I can be. Thank you for giving me the life I want to lead.

Love, Rose

UPDATE: I Was able to get my surgery with your help! I am now recovering with my foster mom and getting stronger everyday. Thank you to everyone that gave to the Medical Miracle Fund to help me and my friends get the above and beyond medical care that we need. More updates are coming soon :)