Wednesday, December 20, 2023

With New Years Eve right around the corner, all the festive planning has begun! And that includes planning on how to keep your furbaby safe and comfortable during this time. As we all know, the new year is a great time for celebrating new beginnings, new goals, and new resolutions but it’s not always our pet’s favorite time of the year since the large crowds and loud commotions can be overwhelming. Not to worry, we’re here to share some great tips on how to keep your furry friend safe during this joyful night.

Fireworks and loud music can be an intense and frightening experience for your pet. Hence why many pets run away and are reported missing the next day when all the commotion has passed. The best practice is to avoid loud noises altogether, especially fireworks, but that’s not always in your control. Make sure all doors, windows, and gates are locked and secured, make sure their ID’s and microchips are up-to-date, and create a safe haven for them to relax and burrow in during the festivities.

If you’re hosting, keep your pets away from dangerous substances. Even though they can seem harmless to humans, they can be incredible toxic to your pets. Things like chocolate, alcohol, meat with bones, onions, mushrooms, etc. can be harmful to our furry friends. Feed them their regular food and make sure to inform your guests, especially the younger ones, which foods are not allowed for pets.

While on the note of hosting, create a quiet space for your pets to retreat from all the commotion! Try to keep them indoors and maybe even dedicate a room or space for your pets. Add in their favorite blanket, their special toys, and even some yummy treats and create a safe space. That way you can enjoy your evening without the worry of your furry friend stressing, and they can have a special, cozy night. You could even add in a new toy or puzzle to keep them entertained!

A great way to help them enjoy their quiet, alone time is to give them plenty of quality time together the day of. Especially some playtime like fetch, tug of war, a feathery wand, a crunchy ball, an extra-long walk, whatever your furry friend enjoys! A tired pet is more likely to chill out the night of New Year’s Eve and enjoy their cozy corner even more. And remember, all the loud, abrupt noises can be frightening so make sure to be patient and understanding with your furbaby.

New Year’s Eve is a wonderful time of the year to celebrate all the new things to come and we want to ensure that it’s as pleasant of an experience as can be for your furry friend too! From everyone at AAWL, here’s to a magnificent new year and we hope everyone has a fun and safe night! Happy New Year!