Monday, May 1, 2017

As you are escaping this summer heat with day trips up north and long weekends to California or Colorado, you will most likely be bringing your furry four legged friend to share your adventures.  Remember after your trip, make sure you aren’t bringing home those pesky, unwanted visitors; fleas and ticks. They can easily latch onto your pet, and besides making your skin crawl, they can make your animal very sick. Ehrlichea, tick fever, and Lyme disease are only a few of the diseases that can be transmitted to your animal from these tiny creatures and easily hospitalize them. Did you know fleas can carry the bubonic plague, yes that plague, and Arizona is one of the top states in the country for infections? I’m not telling this to scare you, I’m telling you because you can prevent it. Frontline or Nexguard, which we sell at our MDPetCare clinic, begin taking effect immediately and can kill ticks within 24 hours. A simple ointment or flavored treat once a month can protect your beloved pet from these terrible illnesses. When I tell a client their animal will most likely have tick fever for the rest of their life, their frustration that a preventative treatment was so easy and accessible to them is palpable. Ticks and fleas aren’t just up north in the trees and bushes, I removed a tick from a dog that only plays in his Phoenix backyard just last week. Many people in the valley don’t think of flea and tick treatment as necessary because of our climate and heat, but I am here to tell you: They are very necessary. Help me keep your pet healthy, treat your cats and dogs for fleas and ticks monthly. It is a simple and low cost option for an important peace of mind.

Dr. Rebecca Bukowy, DVM

Dr. Bukowy is your local MDPetcare Veterinarian keeping your pets healthy and happy for less!