Tuesday, July 31, 2018

We first met Dolores at AAWL when she was dumped through our front door as a 6 week old kitten. Terrified, she ran everywhere on a dislocated foot trying to hide. After a lot of coaxing and treats, we were able to catch her and start tending to her injury. During her exam, our veterinarian knew something else was wrong, proved by a very scary x-ray: Dolores’s stomach was full of trash! In the weeks of surviving on the streets, she had eaten plastics, sticks, and other pieces of garbage. If they didn’t operate now, Dolores would surely die. After a touch and go surgery, Dolores woke up with a healing foot and an empty belly. Due to her unique situation and injuries, she was placed in foster care with one of our veterinarians and then one of our vet techs over a 4 week period. If they had not been the ones to save Dolores, they never would have believed how hurt she was when she first arrived; she was tearing around their houses, climbing up furniture, and bossing around the other kitties! From a terrified kitten who may not survive, to a completely lovable hooligan, they were so happy to see how far she had come and knew she would find a loving home of her own.

Dolores is one of over 1,300 kittens that will come through AAWL this kitten season. All with their own stories, all with their own trials of life, all looking for a new home. Stop by and visit our kittens today at either our main shelter in Phoenix or our Chandler mall location, we know you will fall in love.