Friday, September 8, 2023

Cobweb is one of our beloved kiddos here at AAWL! So much so that he got his very own special day! That’s right, we declared September 1st All About Cobweb Day. Make sure to jot that down in your calendar. The day began bright and early at 7am when Cobweb was awoken from his slumber. Well actually, he was already wide awake and was so excited to see his favorite people with leash in hand and ready to go on a walk... or so he thought. Was this Disneyland he was going to? Even better, dock diving for dogs!

The drive was well worth it because among immediate arrival Cobweb got the zoomies! He knew what he was there for and could see the pool, waiting for him to jump in. He’s already been dock diving prior and he’s absolutely loved every minute of it! It’s been a while for him, so it took him exactly one jump to get back into the groove of things and off to the races he went!

There was an indescribable beam of light radiating off him the entire time he was there. He’d jump over and over again fetching a toy that was thrown in, and even went rogue at one point simply swimming around the pool. No worries, no stress, nothing to think about for him besides how far he’s going to jump next time. This was peak happiness for Cobweb, his favorite AAWL people all together watching him jump in and out of the pool, what more could he ask for?

After approximately 17 jumps into the water, Cobweb officially had spaghetti legs! His heart told him he wanted to keep swimming, but his little body was wiped out! He didn’t care, he was too happy to feel how tired he was. He could’ve kept going but it was time to go home. But not before he sneakily got in one last solo jump and did a lap around the pool! And even closing off the dock didn’t stop him from expressing how excited he was, he zoomied all over the open yard. He couldn’t contain his delight!

Once Cobweb was all dried up, he hopped back into the truck and instantly laid down to rest his eyes, of course. He took a long, well-deserved nap all the way back to the shelter. He couldn’t wait to tell all his friends at AAWL about his special day!

Currently Cobweb is looking for a forever home to call his own. He’s been searching high and low for that special person to take him home. He’d make you the happiest person on earth with his loving personality and he’s ready in an instance notice for any adventure! Cobweb has so much to offer that he’d be best as your one and only!

Think you’re the missing piece to Cobweb’s puzzle? Come meet him at our main shelter (25 N. 40th St.)