Q: How can I best prepare my child to join the Learning Pawd?

A: The CDC has put together a comprehensive checklist to help families with back to school planning that you can review prior to arriving to our Education Campus.

Q: What are you doing to make things as safe as possible for my child?

A: Although there is an inherent risk of exposure to Covid19 in any activity outside of your home, the following procedures will be utilized to reduce the risk of exposure for the duration of Learning Pawds:

  • Temperature checks of all staff and children each day
  • Limit of 10 children per classroom
  • Mask/face coverings to be worn over mouth and nose by all staff and children
  • Children to be seated no closer than 6 feet apart while seated and working inside classroom
  • Children and staff to practice social distancing as much as possible while indoors
  • Common surfaces to be sanitized using virucide twice daily
  • Electrostatic sprayer to be used to sanitize all common surfaces (door handles, counters, sinks, faucets, tables and chairs) at end of each day

Q: Why do our kids have to wear face masks?

A: We will be adhering to Executive Order 2020-51 that requires all school districts and charters have policies requiring face coverings, for all staff and students over the age of six at this time. 

Please see the current CDC guidelines regarding appropriate masks.

Q: Will there be teachers in the room to help my child?

A: There will be one or two instructors in the classroom to be sure that students stay focused on their schoolwork and help as needed.

Each instructor has minimum of two years working with children in an informal educational setting and love working with kids. Each instructor has graduated with a bachelor’s degree in animal science or is currently enrolled at ASU in pursuit of their bachelor’s. Each instructor has also passed a fingerprint background check.

Q How will you accommodate if kids have different lunch or break times?

A: We will have instructors who will be available to monitor, play games, interact with animals and lead on-site “field trips” for students during their varied lunch and break times. Lunches, snacks and breaks from work will take place in a separate room from our designated Classroom. “Field trips” may include a tour of our Reptile Room, Small Mammal Room, the main shelter to visit dogs or cats or AAWL’s veterinary hospital, MD Petcare.

Q: Will my child get to see animals during break time?

A: We do plan to have some of our exotic Animal Ambassadors come to visit your child’s classroom as well as “field trips” to visit these animals as well as the dogs and cats at the main shelter. Please know that we anticipate not all children will have the same times for lunches and breaks and therefor, not every child will have the same experience each day, however, we will do our best to make sure that each child does get to do/see/interact with the same animals by the end of the week.

Please ask your child to be patient while we learn everyone’s break and lunchtimes and find the routine that works best for everyone!

Q: Can I have a discount if I bring more than one child?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any discounts or scholarships at this time due to the capped enrollment and the increased costs associated with Covid19.

Q: What will you do if, at any point we do not meet the Arizona Department of Health and Safety benchmarks?

A: The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) recommends county-specific public health benchmarks to be in the moderate or minimal transmission category in all three benchmarks for two weeks in order for Arizona schools to re-open for in-person learning.

Our decision to make our Learning Pawd available on August 31 was made utilizing the ADHS benchmarks (last updated on 8/13/2020). The decision to open our campus for onsite guided learning may be revised by Arizona Animal Welfare League at any time based on the benchmarks set by the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Q: What happens if a student or staff member tests positive for COVID19?

A: Following CDC guidance, if a student or employee has tested positive for COVID-19, we will work with state and local health authorities to determine the proper course of action, including:   

  • Self-quarantine of the infected individual.
  • Quarantine at home those determined to have had close contact.
  • Deep cleaning and sanitizing the entire building.
  • If a student or employee is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or has had close contact with someone who has tested positive, they will have to quarantine for at least the number of days set by state or local authorities.
  • Temporary closure of Learning Pawd to ensure the safety of the participants and our staff.

Please see graphic of the course of action we can take per CDC guidelines if someone on campus has contracted COVID-19