Last year, AAWL saved close to two thousand animals who were at risk for euthanasia at other shelters, but who were not quite ready to be put up for adoption. Fostering is a safe, cost-effective alternative to the stressful shelter environment and helps AAWL save even more lives.

As our organization continues to grow and take in more vulnerable animals, we need more dedicated foster families to help care for them until they are ready for find their forever home.

Whether you have a small amount of time to give, or want to make a full-time commitment, there is a pet in need of your help! Here’s all the different fostering opportunities we offer:

Neonate Kittens & Puppies/Nursing MomsFoster Kitten

Our dedicated foster families take in hundreds of kittens and puppies each year to nurse them back to health until they are strong enough to be put up for adoption. Sometimes a nursing mom just needs somewhere safe and warm to take care of her babies while they grow. Other times, we need foster families to help bottle feed orphan kittens or puppies until they can eat on their own. Taking care of bottle babies can be grueling work, but it’s also very rewarding as you will help these babies flourish and develop their own personalities.


Foster Puppy GruffieMedical Fosters

Animals are brought to AAWL from every corner of the state with the hope that we can provide them with the “above and beyond” care they need to get their second chance at life. These vulnerable animals often need time to recover in a foster home before they are ready to go up for adoption. Sometimes they need a foster home for just a few days while others will need to spend several weeks or months in a foster home.


foster cat homeward boundHomeward Bound

Some of our pets come to us very shy and need patience and love before they find their forever home. While some pets don’t do well in a shelter environment and need a break from shelter life. Our homeward bound program gives us the opportunity to learn more about these animals while they wait for their forever home.


Offering your time, heart, and home to these animals will allow them every opportunity possible to eventually be adopted into permanent, loving homes…foster a pet and you truly will save a life!

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