Our FAQs provide answers to most of the common questions that we receive and will also connect you to helpful resources for more information on these topics. If you don’t find the information you need, please contact us at 602-273-6852.

1. I’m at risk of losing my home and can no longer care for my pet. What are my options?

The top animal welfare organizations in the Valley have teamed up to provide information, resources, and a community rehoming/temporary foster network for struggling pet owners impacted by the COVID-19 housing crisis. Learn more about these resources at PetHousingHelpAZ.org.

For additional information and resources on caring for your pet during this difficult time, visit . Also, know your rights as a tenant. When the moratorium is in effect, renters can submit the CDC declaration form to their landlord.

2. I’m moving soon and I need assistance with my pet. What resources do you have?

The Arizona Pet Project offers a variety of resources, including access to vet care, pet deposits and personalized human service counseling, click here to request assistance.

If you need help finding pet-friendly housing, the organizations below have some helpful guides and tools on their website.

If you need to rehome or need a temporary foster for your pet, these are your options:

  • PetHousingHelpAZ helps you rehome or find a temporary foster for your pet, so they never have to enter the shelter system. To learn more about these options click here.
  • If you don’t have the time to rehome or find a temporary foster, click here to learn more about AAWL’s Owner Surrender Program.

3. My pet is having behavior issues. What resources do you have?

For Dogs:

AAWL offers free online training guides on our website to help you with common behavior issues. We also have a partnership with GoodPup to offer you a free week of virtual training, which you can learn more about here.

For Cats:

Animal Humane Society has helpful resources to assist you with common behavior issues with your cat.

4. I’m suffering from allergies from my pet, how can I manage them?

Keep your house clean! If you vacuum, sweep, and dust often, this can help keep your allergies in check. An air purifier can also help immensely. The organizations below have some great articles on how to manage your allergies.

5. My friend or family member can no longer care for their pets, and now they are in my care.

If you are now caring for a new pet, here are some great resources to have as they get settled in your home.

6. I need assistance feeding my pet. Where can I get food for my pet?

Visit PetHousingHelpAZ.org for more information on local pet food banks.

7. I found a kitten, what should I do?

If you find stray kittens, in most cases you should just leave them alone. Arizona Humane Society has a great resource guide to help guide you in case you come across a stray kitten.

If you figure out that the kittens have been abandoned by their mother, we ask that you try to care for them on your own until they’re 8 weeks old. For more information on how to care kittens, visit KittenLady.org. If you do take a stray kitten, please keep consider finding the mother to get spayed, so we can prevent any future litters. You can learn more about Arizona’s Trap-Neuter-Return program below here.

8. I found a hurt animal, what should I do?

If you find a sick or injured stray animal or suspect an animal is being abused or neglected, you can call Arizona Humane Society’s Emergency Animal Medical Team (EAMT) 602-997-7585 ext. 2073, or you can report suspected animal cruelty on their website. After business hours, the injured animal can be brought to an Emergency Vet clinic, who will care for the animal until AHS can pick them up the next day.

9. I have an oops litter, can I surrender them to you for adoption?

For more information on AAWL’s Last Litter program, click here.

10. I can’t afford to bring my pet to the vet. What are my options?

AAWL’s low-cost community vet clinic, offers wellness examinations, vaccines, nail trims, and more. Click here for information on our low-cost vet clinic. The Arizona Pet Project offers a variety of resources, including access to vet care, pet deposits and personalized human service counseling, click here to request assistance.