Do you love animals and reading? Join the only book club that helps homeless pets get adopted! Arizona Animal Welfare League introduces Ruff Draft, where you can read to our shelter pets. There is no cost to join! It's very simple:

1. Borrow one of the monthly book club books from the lobby, graciously donated by Changing Hands Bookstore.

2. Choose a dog or cat of your choice that would love some company.

3. Sit outside one of our dog kennels or inside one of our cat rooms and read as much as you want! P.S. We have pillows you can borrow.

4. Once you're done reading, return the book to the lobby. If you want to pick up your own copy, stop by one of Changing Hands Two locations, then finish the book before our monthly meeting!

5. Attend our once a month Ruff Draft meeting at our main shelter and discuss the book, and your favorite adoptable pets!

Studies have shown the positive impacts of simple interactions such as reading to dogs on the mental wellbeing of animals. Shy dogs can help gain confidence, energetic dogs learn how to be calm and relax, curious kittens learn to trust and play with people! It's a Win/Win as you also expand your reading list and help get homeless animals adopted by posting them on social media, as well as help them spend their time in the shelter in a fun way.

August: The Signal By Ron Carlson

The Signal follows the story of Mack and Vonnie, a married couple who, after ten years together, are taking their last hike in the mountains of Wyoming to say goodbye to their relationship and to each other. As the troubled and tragic elements of their past gradually come to light over the course of their journey, Mack keeps a secret: he is tracking a signal, sent via a beacon that has fallen from the sky, that will lead them both into a wood far darker than they have ever imagined.August: The Signal By Ron Carlson

August Ruff Draft Meeting: August 23rd at the main shelter at 6pm (everyone is welcome, but we will be discussing the book, so please make sure you read it before the meeting). After the meeting, stay for a VIP shelter tour and animal visit!

Dog and girl reading book together


Event Date

Thursday, August 23, 2018 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Event Requirements/Prerequisites

Books are available at the main shelter to read, courtesy of Changing hands Bookstore

Please read the book before the meeting, as we will be discussing it before the shelter tour.

Event Location

Arizona Animal Welfare League
25 N. 40th St.
85034 Phoenix , AZ

Event Contact

for more information, please contact Michael Morefield at