We are proud to offer a variety of fun and educational programs on animal care, safety, conservation and natural history for schoolchildren of all ages.

Visiting the Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA can in itself be a fulfilling educational experience, but if you cannot bring your class to us, we can bring the animals to you.

We encourage you to visit our Adoption Center and Education Campus for a free educator pre-visit tour. Due to the space restrictions, there is limited availability for school groups. Advanced reservations are required. All programs are constructed around Arizona State standards.


With the help of a friendly dog, our instructor will inspire students to become advocates for people and animals, teaching them compassion for all living things. For more information about our Be a Buddy, Not a Bully program please email EduAdmin@aawl.org

Please note: At all times, Parents/guardians/adults in attendance are solely responsible for the supervision of all children in attendance. If children become unruly, excessively loud or disrespectful, we will politely ask teachers, parents, or other adults to step in. While rare in occurrence, we may end our tour or program at any time if we feel that either the animals or children are at risk.

School Presentations

Programs are designed for elementary to junior high students and are aligned with state curriculum standards. Programs can be customized to fit all ages and needs.

For more information about our Be a Buddy, Not a Bully program please email EduAdmin@aawl.org

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Field Trips

We offer unique and hands on field trips for grades K-12.

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