The 1,500 online retailers at iGive enjoy being good corporate citizens by helping support AAWL.  These retailers we shop at everyday like Best Buy, Crate & Barrel, Walgreens, etc. will donate a percentage of your online purchase (usually 3%) to AAWL with your direction.  Even using iGive's search engine for your online searches raises one cent per search!  Turn your online searching and shopping into much-needed donations.  Click here.

Walk for a Dog 

Click here to download the free Android or iPhone app or go to the App Store on your mobile device, and start taking your Walk for a Dog every day. Just name AAWL & SPCA in the setup tab of the app for iPhone users, or in the settings menu for Android users.

Hale Pet Door

If you have rescued a pet, get 10% off your new Hale Pet Door AND Hale Pet Door will donate that amount to AAWL. Click here to order online and enter Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA during checkout.