ABOUT ME: I am a young energetic boy but I am currently recovering from elbow surgery so I’m looking for a nice home to relax and heal.

MY IDEAL FOSTER FAMILY WOULD BE: Currently I need a spare spot in your house for my crate that I must be in at all times for 3 weeks. After that I would need a place where I can go on short, slow walks and build up my muscles until I am back to my boisterous self.

HOW AM I WITH KIDS: Right now I’m stuck in my crate so I can’t interact a lot with kids but as I heal I would be best around older kids.

HOW AM I WITH OTHER DOGS AND CATS: Once I get the OK from the doctor I can start playing with doggie friends – my play style is rough and tumble with other dogs so I do best with monitored play so someone reminds me to stop and relax before engaging again. I have not been around cats but I think they would be fun to chase so if you have cats I’m probably not the best fit.

WHAT ARE MY SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: I need at least 3 weeks of strict crate rest with on leash potty breaks. Then 3 weeks of slow, short walks and muscle building. I might need a bit of physically therapy (simple stretches) in the home if the doctor deems them necessary. I have vet checks over the next 6 weeks so my foster family needs to be OK with bringing me to those appointments every few days.

If you've got a quiet spot for me to relax, please email my friend Gaby at GWarehime@aawl.org.