To achieve our vision for a no-kill state, we need a select group of supporters – including YOU – to assume a leadership role and help us fund the CeCe Claudio Community Fund. This fund is named after current donor and animal lover CeCe Claudio, who made a 7-figure bequest commitment to AAWL. She created this fund with a seed donation this year to inspire other donors to make a financial commitment to reimagine animal sheltering as we know it by leveraging our expertise in areas of behavior and veterinary care to keep animals out of the shelter system altogether.

By investing $35 million in these four pillars, we believe we can improve the lives of 40,000 animals over a five-year period. That means our budget will need to grow by $1.2 million annually to save more lives. We can’t do this work alone. The generosity of our donors is what makes this possible. We look forward to partnering with you to make a long-term investment in the future of our animals and the people who love them. Learn more about our future plans here.