Make it a pawsome day at work with


It has been scientifically proven that the furrier your colleagues, the less stressful and more productive your workplace. It will be anything but business as usual when AAWL brings adorable puppies and kittens to your office. Our Bark Break sessions will help energize your team and provide a wonderful break during the day, while supporting Arizona's oldest and largest no-kill shelter. It's great for employee recognition events, corporate parties, staff conferences or morale boosters.

Q: How long can you come to my office or workplace for?
A: Bark Breaks can last up to two hours! 

Q: How much do Bark Breaks cost?
A: Bark breaks vary in cost depending on how many hours we're on site and how many dogs we bring. We recommend two hours for your staff to receive the best experience. Contact us to get a customized quote.

Q: Do you do this inside or outside?
A: Bark Breaks need to be held indoors or in a well-shaded area (access to grass is a plus), and between the months of May-October, indoors is mandatory and must be held in the mornings (due to the heat and transport).

Q: Are the animals available for adoption?
A: Sometimes, but onsite adoptions are not available. Some of our bark break puppies are still growing big and strong in their foster homes and might still need a couple weeks before they are ready for their forever homes!  

Q: Do you bring dog or cats, or both?

A: Dogs will always be present at our Bark Breaks, and during most of the year, kittens can be requested depending on availability for an additional cost.

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