Is your Dog Ready to Meet Baby?

is your dog ready to meet baby

Those wonderful dark eyes that look to you for love, the pitter-patter sounds of their feet on the floor, the cold nose - wait, nose? Exactly! We are talking about your "baby" dog!

So, you've just found out you are expecting a new human baby to arrive, and suddenly everyone looks at your dog as a problem! He's going to bite the baby. You need to get rid of him now. You'll never forgive yourself if he hurts the baby.

Wait a minute. Isn't this furry friend your baby? Your best friend and companion? Expecting parents, let's get a head start! Begin by getting Fido ready now for his new human "sibling."

During this 90-minute class, we will detail what to do from the very beginning to prepare your dog for such an exciting and life-changing day! Starting early is the key to teaching your dog how to behave around your new baby, as it is always easier to prevent a problem than it is to fix it later.

Our expert instructor will go over some basic tips and ideas to help you prepare for your new arrival, in addition to discussing the importance of a well-socialized and obedient dog. Please note that this is a working seminar for you and your dog.

You've got a couple of months left till the new baby arrives. Let's make sure it is a joyous and happy day for all of the family - ones with both two and four legs.

Class Duration: 
90 minutes

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