Power Paws Workshop

(Leash Manners)

power paws

The most asked question a Pet Trainer hears is, "How can I get my dog not to pull on his leash? He barks at everything we pass and pulls me to every person and dog he sees."

Pulling on the leash is very rewarding to a dog. How is that so, you ask? The action of pulling doesn't feel so bad at the time and it gets them where they need to go. Any behavior as rewarding as pulling on the leash takes a lot of commitment to fix. We will show you a method to teach them that staying with you is the best place to be. We will also cover the different "walking aids" that can help you transition to a non-pulling dog.

Don't fall into the nasty habit of pulling back when they pull forward. This just becomes a game of tug - o - war and a "let's see who is stronger" contest.

Join us for our Power Paws Workshop and learn how to teach your favorite pooch to walk nicely.

power paws

This class will resume when the weather cools. Please check back later in the summer for upcoming classes, or email us to be notified when classes are added!



Class Duration

2 hours

Upcoming Classes/Sessions

No classes are scheduled at this time.

Questions About Our Pet Training Classes?

Contact Rosalie Sevic (phone: 602-273-6852, ext. 122) 

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