Door Manners and Polite Greetings

Tired of having your dog knock over your guests when they come over? Or have you spent precious time chasing your dog around the neighborhood because he managed to dart out the door at the last second while you were leaving for work?

Well you are not alone, but unfortunately many owners don’t realize that how they react to their dog when these things happen more often reinforces the behavior, instead of correcting it. When you go after your door dashing pooch, you have just started the best game of all time…CHASE!! And this is a game that you will almost never win.

Instead, do yourself (and your family and friends) a favor, come join us for our Door Manners and Polite Greetings workshop. In this 2 hour session we will work with you and your dog on how to politely greet people at the door, as well as while out and about. We will also cover safety around open doors, creating and reinforcing boundaries, how to properly respond to your dog when they are misbehaving, and much more.

You may love that your dog jumps up and gives you “hugs,” but your guests might not share the same feeling. Help your dog become the polite pooch that you have always wanted and impress your friends with his new found manners by joining us for our 2 hour workshop.



Class Duration

1 session - 2 hours

Upcoming Classes/Sessions

No classes are scheduled at this time.

Questions About Our Pet Training Classes?

Contact Rosalie Sevic (phone: 602-273-6852, ext. 122) 

mutts with mannersmutts with mannersmutts with manners

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