Growing up outside of Denver, Colorado, Melissa Steimer could be found out in the fields gathering up snakes and lizards or at home raising rabbits and chickens. The love for animals and the outdoors are her passion. It was when Melissa moved to Omaha, Nebraska and obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at Creighton University and University of Nebraska at Omaha, respectively, where she fell into her second passion of raising funds for nonprofits. She has now been raising funds for over 23+ years for some wonderful causes but it was her first fundraising job at the Nebraska Humane Society that had her keep coming back to animal welfare. Since then she has worked for Best Friends Animal Society and PetSmart Charities and is so glad to be coming back full circle at Arizona Animal Welfare League.


Melissa enjoys living in Phoenix, Arizona with her animal-loving family - Her husband Scott, son and daughter, Charlie and Grace and 4 loving dogs (Val, Roi, Dachs and Dixie), their parrot, Bogey and a bearded dragon, Rex. All of the animals and family enjoy time outdoors in their backyard where they garden and grow tropical fruit trees, plus it is where you will find the occasional dog swimming in the pool.