My name's Bosco!

The first thing you'll notice about me is my over exuberant manner of greeting people. I'm very friendly! I've lived in a home before so I'm familiar with being a roommate. My special hidden talent is the ability to play keep away but will gladly give up if offered a treat. In terms of other pets, I'll give a dog roommate a chance if they are low key and respectful. In terms of cats...not so much. Let's go on adventures together!

Make an appointment to meet me at AAWL's Main Shelter!
25 N. 40th St
Phoenix AZ 85034

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AAWL recommends I live with humans MIDDLE SCHOOL AGE and older.
AAWL says I TOLERATE other dogs.
AAWL says I am a WEEKEND ATHLETE, which means I need regular exercise.
AAWL says I can NOT live with cats.




4 Years 2 Months




76 pounds

Adoption Fee



Shelter - AAWL & SPCA


Building 6

Pet ID


My adoption fee already includes:

  • Spay/Neuter Surgery
  • Current on all vaccinations
  • Microchip with free lifetime updates
  • Free week of online dog training and 20% training classes for the life of animal
  • 4DX testing (dogs 5 months and older)
  • Access to our behavior helpline for the life of the animal
  • 30 day trial of pet insurance