Hey there! I'm Nebula! Aren't I just so stunning?! If you have an active family who has the time to give me the exercise and training I need, I will fit in amazingly! I offer a lifetime of love and devotion to the family who cherishes me. Enrolling me in obedience or agility classes will help me work on my focus and help me develop into an amazing dog. I would do best with slightly older children due to my excitement and jumping! I am tolerant of other dogs, so if you have one, please bring them to the shelter to ensure we're a great match!

AAWL says I would do best with children aged Elementary and older.
AAWL says I am tolerant of other dogs.
AAWL says I am a daily workout.
AAWL isn't sure how I'd do with cats at this time.

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1 Year 1 Month



Adoption Fee



Building 6

Pet ID


My adoption fee already includes:

  1. Spay/Neuter Surgery
  2. Current on all vaccinations
  3. Microchip with free lifetime updates
  4. 15% off AAWL Training classes for the life of the animal
  5. 4DX testing (dogs 5 months and older)
  1. Take home dose of topical flea and tick preventative
  2. Access to our behavior helpline for the life of the animal
  3. 30 day trial of pet insurance
  4. 2lb bag of Hill’s Science Diet food
  5. A free dose of Advantix II (while supplies last)