Hey there! I'm Prince Charming! As a royal dog I have a few demands... #1 is daily back scratches, #2 Is that I will be the only animal in your life (I don't need anyone challenging my royal status), and #3 many short walks everyday! My royal subjects here at the shelter have told me I am severely overweight. While my stomach says they are wrong, my hips say they are right... so I have taken their advice and started a workout and diet regimen. I will go to extreme lengths to cheat on my diet so I need you to keep me motivated! I'm 9 but in my mind I'm still a spry young dog and would love to learn some new tricks. That's why I come with free training classes! If you are looking for a dog to be your one and only pet please come down to the shelter to meet me!

**My adoption fee has been sponsored by the Petco Foundation **




9 Years 4 Months



Adoption Fee


Pet ID


My adoption fee already includes:

  1. Spay/Neuter Surgery
  2. Current on all vaccinations (including Canine Influenza)
  3. Microchip with free lifetime updates
  4. A bag of Halo Purely for Pets food
  5. 15% off AAWL Training classes for the life of the animal
  1. 4DX testing (dogs 5 months and older)
  2. 1 take-home dose of Bayer Advantage Multi
  3. Access to our behavior helpline for the life of the animal
  4. 30 day free trial of pet insurance