Hello there. My name is Payton. I am an awesome dog who LOVES people. I would prefer to hang out with humans rather than dogs and I wouldn't have it any other way! People have fingers to give me ear scratches, thumbs to open treat bags, and know how to work doors. Humans are just the BEST! Don't let my quirk stop you from visiting me, I am full of love and just want a family of my own. Come on down to the shelter and ask staff or volunteers about how great I am!




2 Years 1 Month



Adoption Fee


Pet ID


My adoption fee already includes:

  1. Spay/Neuter Surgery
  2. Current on all vaccinations (including Canine Influenza)
  3. Microchip with free lifetime updates
  4. A bag of Halo Purely for Pets food
  5. 15% off AAWL Training classes for the life of the animal
  1. 4DX testing (dogs 5 months and older)
  2. 1 take-home dose of Bayer Advantage Multi
  3. Access to our behavior helpline for the life of the animal
  4. 30 day trial of pet insurance